Solusi Bisnis Terlengkap

Edaptec telah mengembangkan lebih dari 200 modul odoo yang dapat membantu pertumbuhan bisnis Anda

ODOO Implementation

Edaptec specializes in implementing ODOO, we have implemented ODOO in several business fields such as trading, mining, importers, distribution companies and retail companies

Customize Module 

We have experienced developing ERP solutions for more than 10 years, and many modules are ready to be implemented.  

Cloud Server

We also provide hosting service using our ERP Cloud Server, which means there is no hardware or software that need to buy, install, maintain or update

IT Consultant

Edaptec is an experienced IT and Business Process Consultant with a track record of delivering performance improvement in many companies

Why Choose EDAPTEC ?

Edpatec provides ERP with odoo that has been customized according to business processes in Indonesia, the modules have been adapted to your company's needs. Implementation takes a short time and is affordable, the system is very reliable, quality and low cost to operate this system
Edaptec have experience, ability, have successfully implemented and have a reliable team. We have reliable digital technology solutions that can drive growth your business and we have a good business culture

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Human Resources

Maintain a complete employee database and to optimally utilize of all employees.


Timesheets, project management tools, and many others will help you increase your productivity.


Helps in planning and optimizing the manufacturing capacity and material resources.




Automate any financial operations while ensuring regulatory compliance and gaining real-time insight into overall performance.

Sales, Marketing and eCommerce

Implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Create Online Shop and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Supply Chain & Logistics

Control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse and respond faster to challenges and changes in supply and demand.

Our Business Packages

Human Resource Management (HRM)


Human Resource Management (HRM) combines numerous functions to ensure easy management of human resources, business processes, and data. Human Resources Software is used by businesses to combine numerous HR functions, such as storing employee data, employee relations, payrolls and benefits, recruitment processes, benefits administration, and record-keeping. It ensures everyday Human Resources processes are manageable and easy to access.

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Finance and Accounting Management Package

Odoo finance and accounting module can be used for all business scales because the capabilities of this module are very dynamic, reliable, and large scale. This module not only produces fast and accurate financial reports, but this module plays an important role in the integration of all company data and data as well as managing all existing transactions in realtime and accurately. Through the capabilities of Analytic Accounting, Odoo can manage all types of accounting, for example, general accounting, fixed assets, projects, multiple companies consolidation, debt, accounts receivable, and others.

Edaptec has developed additional modules to make it easier for accountants to manage eFaktur, ppn masukan and ppn keluaran, Edaptec has also developed a cash/bank management module with the ability to manage bilyet giro.

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Warehouse and Inventory Management Package

Inventory is the core of the business, it is from here every other piece of the business gets adequate vitality to live. In the event that appropriately dealt with, the business stays solid, generally constantly muddled.

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